Serving bowl and Sake cup

Sake cup "Flower bud" by Sayo Kuroki <NEW>

      Size: Φ6.7x4.4cm

      Price: ¥29,000

      *comes with a Paulownia box

Sake cup "evening garden" by Sayo Kuroki <NEW>

      Size: Φ6.0x7.5cm

      Price: ¥24,000

      *comes with a Paulownia box

Lacy purple Sake cup by Maiko Okuno <NEW>






  Size: Φ6.6x4cm

      Price: ¥3,500

Coned wappa sake cup - Japanese cedar wood <NEW>




  Size: Φ5.7x4.5cm 

      Price: ¥3,200

Design cup


Size: Φ8.2x9cm

Price: ¥4,900

Beer glass








Size: Φ7x8.3cm

Price: ¥6,000 each


*black - "Zokoku-nuri" / red - "Goto-nuri"

Glass sake cup






Size: Φ5.6x6.5cm

Price: ¥3,800 each


*black - "Zokoku-nuri" / red - "Goto-nuri"

Paired wine cup gilded inside



      Size: Φ6x16.5cm

      Price: ¥20,000

     Horse chestnut


        Size: Φ6.5x15cm

        Price: ¥23,000

Sakazuki cup - Aizu <NEW>



Size: Φ10.7x4.5cm



Price: ¥4,500 


Liquor bottle - Japanese cedar



Size: 60x60x105cm (150cc)

        75x75x105cm (320cc)

Price: ¥3,080/¥3,300

Handmade cup by "Joiner"



   Size: φ5.8x6.8cm     

   Price: ¥7,700     



   Size: φ7.5x8.1cm

   Price: ¥12,000 

Serving bowl

"Koma" paired cup - Zelkova



 Price: ¥7,500 for each / ¥15,000 for pair



"Wajima" cup with sunken gold



   Size: Φ6×6cm

   Price: ¥25,500

Plum wine cup - Japanese cherry blossom




   Size: Φ6.3×10.5cm

   Price: ¥4,000

*2023.6.26 updated

黒木紗世氏による針描きが施された蓋物が新しく入荷しております。 文具・小物

*2023.6.19 updated

 様々なぐい呑みが入荷しております。 酒器(片口・盃など) <NEW>