Matte bowl - Zelkova <NEW>

欅 やまと切立椀




Size: Φ11.5x7.3cm

Price: JPY 6,700 each

Large bowl - Zelkova <NEW>




Size: Φ14x10.3cm

Price: JPY14,000 each

Small bowl




*Original Item* 


     Size: Φ9x4.5cm

     Price: ¥2,300


Bud shaped bowl - Japanese zelkova




Size: Φ11x7cm

Price: ¥3,300 each

Soup bowl - Japanese cherry birch





Size: Φ11.5x7cm

Price: ¥6,500 each

Noodle bowl - horse chestnut wood



   Size: Φ16x10.5cm

         Price: ¥11,000

Stew bowl - mokkan



    Size: Φ13.5x10.5cm

    Price: ¥3,200 each

Large bowl Chrysanthemum "maki-e"



    Size: Φ13.2x8.6cm

        Price: ¥7,500

Bowl - castor aralia



   Size: Φ15.2x6.7cm

     Price: ¥6,200 each


Soup bowl



    Size:φ12x7.4cm (large)

          φ11.2x7.2cm (small)

    Price: ¥6,000 each


Soup bowl - zelkova




   Size: Φ12.9x8.9cm

   Price: ¥43,000 (5 pcs)


Airy bowl for rice

"Negoro" nuri - Zelkova


              <size>         <price>

large  Φ14×6.7cm  ¥6,500

middle Φ13×6.4cm    ¥5,300

small   Φ12×6.1cm    ¥4,800

"Fukiurushi" (wiped lacquer) - 

Japanese cherry birch


             <size>             <price>

large  Φ15×7cm   ¥6,000

middle Φ14×6.7cm      ¥4,800

small    Φ12×6.1cm     ¥3,500

Paired bowl - cherry wood



   SIze: Φ11×7.5cm

   Price: ¥6,700 (pair)

Paired bowl - zelkova



   Size: Φ12×7.3cm

   Price: ¥7,500 (pair)

Paired bowl with Japanese apricot maki-e design



  Size: Φ11.5×7cm

      Price: ¥18,000 (pair)

Paired bowl with cherry blossom maki-e design



    Size: Φ11.5x7cm

  Price: ¥18,000 (pair)

Variety of Japanese zelkova bowls



     size     price

φ10.8x6.5cm    ¥2,800

φ11.5x7cm       ¥3,300

φ12x9.5cm       ¥3,800

φ12.7x7.8cm    ¥4,500

*each size has two different colors; red and black

Bowl with golden camelia




 Size: Փ12x9.5cm

 Price: ¥8,800 (1 pc


Bowl "mountain"




    Size: Φ13.7x10cm

    Price: ¥56,000 (5 pcs)

Bowl vermillion



     Size: Φ13.8x9cm

     Price: ¥58,000 (5 pcs)




*2021.6.15 updated




卓上小物(箸、箸箱など) <NEW>


*2019.6.20 updated





菓子器・盛器 <NEW>



*2019.6.20 updated

欅 合鹿椀、切立椀入荷しました。


吸い物椀・多様椀 <NEW>




*2018.10.26 updated




酒器(片口・盃など) <NEW>