Procedure of lacquering

There are many ways of lacquering depending on materials and production methods, but here we will introduce the typical procedure of making lacquerware.


In general, the procedure is broken down into 4 steps as follows;


1) Kiji-Gatame (to strengthen the body)

2) Shitaji (primary foundation coat)

3) Nakanuri (secondary foundation coat)

4) Uwanuri (finishing coat)


By repeating the process of lacquering and polishing at each step, the shiny, rich and warm surface is formed. The below image illustrates one of the traditional lacquering methods, "Echizen-nuri", in producing a compact oval tray. Starting from the bottom to top, we can witness its transformation. 




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卓上小物(箸、箸箱など) <NEW>


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菓子器・盛器 <NEW>



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吸い物椀・多様椀 <NEW>




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